Healing and Transformation Guide
& 20-Year Cancer Warrior

Let go of past trauma, raise your energetic frequency and kickstart your personal evolution


Awaken. Heal. Transform


 Healing and Transformation Guide
& 20-Year Cancer Warrior

Let go of past trauma, raise your energetic frequency and kickstart your personal evolution

Soul Atlas

A roadmap to reconnect you to your soul and your purpose


Unhealthy patterns, energetic drains, trapped trauma & emotions 


Negative energy, trapped emotions, and roadblocks holding you back


Habits, limiting subconscious beliefs, trauma response patterns


To your soul’s purpose and experience incredible transformation

Phase 1

Discover your unique energetic infrastructure, frequency and flow.

Phase 2

Raise your level of awareness and consciousness.

Phase 3

Release negative energy and reprogram limiting beliefs.

Phase 4

Experience incredible transformation.

Jenn offers a unique approach to healing, combining modern technology with ancient techniques to tap into your inner wisdom and expedite your personal transformation.

Awaken your heart retreat

September 27 – October 1. 2023
ponderosa ranch, texas

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Some services offered virtually

Spiritual Development & Intuitive Wellness  Coaching

Personal guidance to help you navigate your healing journey.

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Trapped Energy Release

A holistic approach to identifying and releasing negative energy trapped in the body.

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An incredibly powerful form of energy medicine that channels the healing power and energy of life.

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Learn to let go of subconscious beliefs that hold you back and shift into your essence.

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When used properly, yoga can heal your mind, body and spirit.

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Massage Therapy & Myofascial Release

An ancient form of healing through the power of touch.

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healing with technology

When you’re working to raise your energetic frequency, measurable feedback from your body ensures that we’re focusing on the right things. Jenn incorporates state-of-the-art technology to provide quantifiable data to drive your healing journey.


Advanced bioenergetic technology designed to identify and correct blockages in your energetic flow.

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A science-based biofeedback system designed to help bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into alignment at the moment of stress and in daily life. 

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A 3-week journey designed to illuminate the inner workings of your personality so you can AWAKEN to your great potential.

Meet Jenn Miller

Jenn Miller, LMT, RYT, Reiki Master, is a powerful healing guide & transformation teacher who helps you open your heart and change your life. She created Warrior Heart Wisdom to help others experience the profound healing that comes from awareness and self-discovery.

Her intuition, compassion, and wisdom help her walk alongside her clients, guiding them on their own healing journeys towards true wellness and freedom.


“Sitting and conversing with Jenn, the first thing that I became aware of, and felt really compelled to share, is the feeling of ease I experienced exploring my thoughts and feelings.

I knew right away that I was in the company of a real, compassionate, fellow human being who has “walked through the fires” and survived the things that challenge me.

Jenn has consistently, and with true integrity, stood guard of my dignity while gracefully helping me to look in a direction that empowers me and assists me in becoming the best version of me! Her sincere attentiveness and genuine interest in my growth has been a blessing.

Thank you, Jenn for shining your light unto my path so that I can see my way to the happiness I know is mine!“

– J. S. –