Trapped Energy Release

Trapped Energy Release is Jenn’s unique approach to identifying and releasing energy from trauma, emotions and past experience that has gotten stuck in your body, mind and spirit.

how it works

Research has show that when we are not able to process and release emotional energy during an experience, the body will store it. Because our bodies are made of pure energy, the negative energy of trapped emotions, experiences and traumas can exert a damaging force on the body, which worsens over time. Trapped emotions can also affect our emotional and energetic state, our decisions and our life experience.

This is the foundation for Trapped Energy Release. Jenn’s extensive background in healing allows her to use different modalities and technologies based on where the energy is stored or how it is manifesting. Each person has a completely unique response to their own experiences, meaning your body is storing those experiences and trauma differently than anyone else’s body.

The energy stored in your body has a profound impact on your psyche, your physical health and your spiritual well being.

By identifying and releasing those energies, your body can literally heal itself.


Jenn uses Muscle Testing to identify subconscious signals from limiting beliefs or trauma that the mind sends to the body.

In muscle testing, the client simultaneously says a belief statement while holding out their arm as Jenn presses down on their arm. If the subconscious mind sends a strong signal, the arms will stay up. If it sends a weak signal, the will not be able to stay up and it will move down. If the arm stays up, the mind is telling the body that that statement is “true,” whereas if the arm goes down, the body believes that statement to be “false.”

Muscle testing gives us the amazing ability to communicate with our subconscious mind!


Jenn uses many modalities and technologies to help the body shift and release trapped emotions that block the flow of energy. Each trapped emotion has its own particular rate of vibration, or frequency.

Just as opposite sound waves can cancel out extraneous noise, the energy of your magnified intention can cancel out the ‘noise’ of a trapped emotion. Jenn combines the principles of Chinese Medicine with modern science by running a magnet along the Governing Meridian (a major qi channel in Traditional Chinese Medicine) to release the trapped energy.

This practice is often used hand in hand with MyoFascial Release, or MFR. Click here to learn more about MFR.