John Barnes Myofascial Release

A gentle, yet effective hands-on technique that relieves pain and allows your body to function the way it should.


Fascia is the body’s system of connective tissue that holds everything in place, surrounding organs, bones, tissue and even found in our cells. It contains more sensory nerves than muscle.

Any kind of trauma, whether physical or emotional, real or perceived, leads to fascial restrictions that cause pain, limited mobility, poor posture and decreased vitality. When we release the tissue, muscle and fascia, the ‘issues’ in those tissues are also released. We no longer experience pain, limited mobility, and bad posture. Simultaneously the energy and emotion of the trauma is freed.


John Barnes Myofascial Release is similar to getting a deep tissue massage, but with a totally different and gentle technique and lasting results.

Once an MFR practitioner has identified facial restrictions in the body, he/she will place pressure in one spot for up to 5-10 minutes in one spot. This essential “time element” has to do with the viscous flow and the piezoelectric phenomenon.

What does that mean? A low load (gentle, yet deep pressure) applied slowly will allow a viscoelastic medium (fascia) to elongate and release. It is traditionally performed hands-on; however, self-myofascial techniques can be taught virtually and done yourself.

JOHN BARNS MFR Video Library

What is Myofascial Release

Richard Harty, PT and MFR practitioner explains how Myofascial Release to revitalize fascia, restore function and reduce pain.

Fascia & The Mystery of Chronic Pain

Dana Sterling discusses how fascia (connective tissue) impacts every aspect of our overall well being.


“I have dealt with severe muscle tension and pain in my back and shoulders for years now. My injuries lead me to many different specialists, medications and treatments that yielded little to no results. When I first met Jenn, she took the time to explain what fascia is an how it works. It was with her expert understanding of the human body and how the fascia works within it that lead me to trying MyoFascial Release.

After just a few sessions, my pain has been reduced to the point I forgot I have it at times. Jenn does an amazing job at explaining the process, making sure you feel completely comfortable, and focusing on individual needs. Any time I have questions on MFR, or the body, Jenn takes the time to explain things, as well as answer all my questions. She is professional not only in her field, but in client care as well. Jenn has helped me increase my quality of life and I feel better than I have in years, thank you!!” 

-DJ –