We love being a part of your journey. Here’s what our clients have to say about their experiences in their own words:

“Sitting and conversing with Jennifer, the first thing that I became aware of , and felt really compelled to share, is the feeling of ease I experienced exploring my thoughts and feelings.

I knew right away that I was in the company of a real, compassionate, fellow human being who has “walked through the fires” and survived the things that challenge me.

Jennifer has consistently, and with true integrity, stood guard of my dignity while gracefully helping me to look in a direction that empowers me and assists me in becoming the best version of me!

Her sincere attentiveness and genuine interest in my growth has been a blessing. Thank you, Jennifer for shining your light onto my path so that I can see my way to the happiness I know is mine!”

– J. S.-

“I have dealt with severe muscle tension and pain in my back and shoulders for years now. My injuries led me to many different specialists, medications, and treatments that yielded little to no results.

When I first met Jenn, she took the time to explain what the facia is and how it works. It was with her expert understanding of the human body and how the facia works within it that lead me to trying myofascial release. After just a few sessions my pain has been reduced to the point that I forget I have it at times.

Jenn does an amazing job explaining the process, making you feel completely comfortable, and focusing on individual needs. Any time I have questions on MFR, or the body, Jenn takes the time to explain things, as well as answer all my questions. She is a professional not only in her field but in client care as well! Jenn has helped me to increase my quality of life and feel better than I have in years, Thank you!”

– D. J. –

“Words honestly cannot explain how amazing Jennifer Is. She is a master of her craft. I thought at first I was just getting a typical massage. I knew she did a bunch of practices; I just didn’t know what to expect.

She integrates Myofascial Release, reiki, and energy work. She really took the time to find out what’s going on with me, mentally, physically and spiritually and worked on me on a way I’ve never have experienced.

She knows how to analyze what’s going on with you and even sends you home with exercises to help you further correct whatever issues there are.

I will ALWAYS go to her. Won’t trust anyone else.”

– D. F. –

“I had the pleasure of working with Jenn. She took me through a mystical journey with plant medicine and amazing energy healing.

We were able to do two sessions together, and they were both life-changing. If you are ready to experience true awakening and self awareness, I would highly recommend working with Jenn. Aside from those two sessions, I also tried myofascial healing with her as well. I felt so much relief physically and emotionally.

She’s a one-stop shop for all of your healing needs!”

– K. D. –

I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Jenn. I have had lower back issues as long as I can remember. I have spent a countless amount on Chiropractors, physical therapist, massage therapist, and Thai yoga with no good results. Back pain always came back the next day after adjustments.

Jenn Miller suggested a two hour session. After the session, my lower back felt completely different. I was able to walk for a week without any pain or twitching. She advised me, I need more sessions to fix this pain imbalance and trauma to heal.

I ‘m looking forward to more sessions with to fix this life long issue.”

– A.L. –

“Jenn, I loved your MFR yoga class today! I felt expanded and open for hours after.

Thank you for sharing your gift! It was a real pleasure.

– K. H. –

Jenn Miller’s MFR Yoga classes are truly fantastic. With two classes a week, I regained some flexibility that I thought I had lost forever.

Her special touch helped me to go further smoothly. I cannot wait to go back to Costa Rica to do yoga with her.”

– A. F. –

This past winter my wife and I spent two months in Samara, Costa Rica. We love that Central American country and, because it was the holiday season, it was especially lively and fun. For me, though, the highlight of the vacation was meeting Jenn Miller and being introduced to myofascial release (MFR) massage. I received several MFR massages from Jenn and quickly came to appreciate her skills.

In reality, a session with Jennifer is much more than a simple massage. It’s a holistic, mind/body healing experience. Up until that point, my typical massage involved lying on a table, getting a rub down that was usually relaxing, then getting off the table and leaving. Jenn, on the other hand, begins her sessions with conversation (she’s easy to talk to) and breathing exercises. She works to create an atmosphere of peace and calm before beginning the massage. And she wants to know what the recipient hopes to get out of the session.

I think most people have some physical complaint they want her to address. I wasn’t thinking those terms and I told her I wanted to feel inner peace. MFR is different from other forms of massage. I won’t go into detail, but an MFR therapist attempts to locate stiff or bound up connective tissue (fascia) under the skin that may be causing pain in other parts of the body. Once the therapist locates an area of knotted tissue, they attempt to release or loosen it through massage and/or pressure. The technique requires a good MFR therapist be tuned in, and Jennifer is certainly that. Not long after she began the massage, I slipped into a state of deep relaxation. I was aware of Jenn’s presence but I felt disconnected from my body and unable to speak.

I remember thinking, “there is nowhere else in the world that I would rather be right now.” After the session ended I felt good both mentally and physically. I was able to book a few more sessions with Jenn before leaving Costa Rica. Each additional session seemed to add a greater sense of peace and relaxation. Even now, months later, when the weight of the Covid-19 restrictions get to me, I recall those sessions on the beach and I see sunshine, I smile. That is Jennifer’s doing. She is truly gifted.”

– J.G. –