Your pathway to profound healing & transformation

Picture this…

Just 30 days from now, you could be feeling connected, empowered, and centered in your life.

Soul Atlas is for you if you…

feel out of touch with your ‘gut’ feelings and inner voice

worry about being the ‘real’ you

crave guidance and direction in your life

want to feel a deeper connection with something greater, like a higher power or purpose in life

have a hard time saying ‘no’ and setting boundaries

feel like your emotions are all over the place

wish you had more loving and fulfilling relationships

feel alone and are searching for people who just ‘get’ you

Soul Atlas will guide you through a clear pathway of healing and transformation where you will experience:


Learn to navigate your soul’s lessons and path guided by the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology.  

Your PERSONALIZED soul lesson each month based on your unique birth chart

Practical ways to align with the energetics of the planets each month through my Astrological Forecast video

Know where to direct your mental focus and energy

How to align with your soul’s path for quicker and easier personal & spiritual growth


Accelerate your healing with  the wisdom of my 15 year client experience, trainings, & intuitive gifts.

Guidance every week in a group coaching format on Zoom so you can ask questions and get answers to why you are stuck or struggling

Access to powerful wisdom from my over 20-year healing journey so you can fast-track your evolution

Wise counsel that you can trust on your journey


Find your community as you engage with like-minded spirits embarking on a parallel path.

An collective energy field that will raise your frequency

Have a community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey

Shared wisdom & experiences to accelerate your own healing

People cheering you on every step of the way


With Soul Atlas you will have all the resources, tools, and support that you need to:

Stay accountable & focused on your own personal healing & spiritual growth

Let go of that which is no longer serving you so you can transform into your authentic Self

Stop energy draining habits & patterns so you can use your energy to create your authentic life

How you will transform

Gain clarity and direction in creating your authentic life

Feel calm and balanced in body, mind, and spirit

Feel empowered with a deeper understanding of yourself 

Learn practical ways to align with your soul’s path

Experience personal and spiritual growth in a supportive community

In just 30 days in Soul Atlas, participants reported incredible transformation:

  • I feel a deeper connection to my higher power
  • I can actually hear my intuition clearly for the first time
  • I was able to take action and make changes where I had been stuck for so long
  • I confidently expressed how I felt to my family without guilt – that is new for me!
  • I am able to redirect myself when I feel emotional or overwhelmed.

I am committed to your journey and your transformation.

Book a complimentary Discovery Call to ensure that we are the right fit.


Weekly 60-minute Group Coaching Calls held on Wednesdays at 12pm CT/1pm ET

Every week you will come together with your Tribe on Zoom to share, learn, and connect. Each call will start with a short meditation followed by time for you to get direct coaching from me. Your trip  (Valued at $199 per month)

Monthly Soul Atlas Astrology Forecast Video

Every month you will receive a Soul Atlas astrology video where I will share with you the astrological activity for the month and teach you how to use this information with practical tips and to-do’s.  By aligning with the energetics of the planets, you will be able to navigate through your life with greater ease and clarity.  

I work directly with a Master Vedic Astrologer to give you access to this ancient system of knowledge and patterns of behaviour, emotions, and action. 

(Valued at $150 per month)

Personalized Soul Lesson - each month!

As the planets move, they pass through the twelve houses in your astrological chart. Each house represents a core aspect of your being and life and provides the opportunity to learn specific lessons about this aspect. Each month you will receive your personalized Soul Lesson that will detail the house that is activated in your unique birth chart. Then you can use the Soul Atlas workbook to guide you in exploring this lesson. (Valued at $99 per month)

Soul Atlas Workbook

Dive into your Soul Lesson each month using the Soul Atlas Workbook. The Workbook will guide you through understanding each of the 12 Aspects of your Personal & Spiritual Growth that is represented by each of the houses of the astrological chart. It will provide you with journal prompts that will allow you to reflect and go within. (valued at $129)

In-between call guidance

Have a quick question? You don’t have to wait a week until the next call! Post your question in my private Facebook group Warrior Hearts Unite and I will provide guidance to your questions in-between calls. 

(Valued at $550)

Special discount on sessions

Save 15% on 1:1 sessions with me so you can get the support you need! 

First access to limited retreat spots

Soul Atlas is valued at $1,127 per month!

Choose the payment option that works best for you:


Cancel anytime!

$167 per month


Save 42% with a
6-month commitment

$97 per month


Pay for 3 months upfront
& save 18%

$137 per month

Soul Atlas offers a proven process featuring pillars of success:






The results speak for themselves

I have been on a healing journey for the past 5 years and being introduced to Jenn, has brought my healing to a whole new level. Working with her is like nothing I have ever done before. She was able to find out about past traumas that I didn’t even realize I was still holding on to. She has full supported me every step of the way. I am so grateful to her for being able to guide me through letting go of my self-sabotaging/addictive habits like numbing myself out with alcohol, marijuana, sex, and the endless ring of toxic relationships. Instead show myself that I deserve to love myself and that I am worthy of the life I want and that comes first before anything or anyone. If you are ready to take your healing to the next level. I highly recommend working with Jenn. “


“For the first time in my life I feel calm and able to handle everything that is being thrown at me within my everyday life. I have control over my feelings and emotions that once used to paralyze me. To say that working with Jenn has changed my life does not give it the credit due. Jenn was able to guide me so gracefully through this transformation, and I truly feel her practical approach is solid and has given me the peace and calm I so longed for.
This experience has changed my life!”

– Liz

“I was blown away at the level of information that Jenn provided about my current health conditions from an energetic standpoint. Jenn is thorough, professional, and highly qualified. She uses her expertise, her personal experience, and her intuition as she directed me through a personal healing journey. I would recommend her and her processes over and over again for anyone ready to go deep and get to the root cause of any physical, emotional or energetic blockages. She’s the real deal!”

– Jennifer

“Jenn creates a very safe, insightful environment for me to be able to explore and dig deep. Every session with you feels like a giant step on this journey. THANK YOU!”


“Working with Jenn has impacted me in amazing ways. My mother and sister who are my hardest critics even said they LOVE this “new me”. I just feel more positive, clear, and re-energized for life again.”

– Dashea

“Working with Jenn was both enlightening and validating and helped spearhead my next steps in healing. I highly recommend working with Jenn to expedite and guide your personal healing journey.”


Working with Jenn is like food for my soul. THANK YOU Jenn, you have changed my life in so many incredible ways. You are the best teacher, guide and guru that I have ever had.”

– Sonia

Are you ready to transform your life?

Sign up today! Due to the energy and attention I give to each client, I only work with 10 clients at a time. If spots are filled reach out to reserve your spot or be added to the waitlist.

It’s time to commit to YOU!

Hi, I’m Jenn. I know what it feels like to be stuck and lost. Hoping that you can find someone who can guide you and shine a light on your journey. 

When I started my healing & spiritual journey 20 years ago following cancer, there were very few resources available. I struggled with not having direction, guidance, or others to connect with.

Now, I serve as a Spiritual Development Coach, Intuitive Healing Guide, & Energy Healer to beautiful souls like yourself who are ready to look inward and evolve into a more authentic, healthier and happier YOU.

I am so excited to share that I have created a clear pathway for you to do this important work: Soul Atlas. It is a roadmap for your soul.

Joining Soul Atlas is the first step in committing to your personal and spiritual growth.

It is the powerful choice of prioritizing YOU.

Join me as you learn about who you are and your soul’s lessons, and discover the confidence and clarity to evolve into the person you are destined to be.

Light & Love,


Ready to move forward with clarity & confidence?